A wildlife photography hide is a unique environment that allows photographers to get close to wildlife, safely, unobserved and without disturbing or adversely impacting the animals, allowing birds and animals to behave and interact with each other with freedom, while allowing photographers to get a unique eye-level perspective from up close. A photography hide is also a fantastic tool for conservation, by creating a post for documentation of bird and animal species, observation of behaviour, and a means to know more about the fauna that exists in an eco-system. Some of the most amazing award-winning wildlife images and documentaries filmed are from photography hides around the world.

As a professional landscape architect and a passionate wildlife photographer, I have the unique perspective of knowledge as a designer and the functional requirements of a user. I combine my knowledge of aesthetic design, architecture, engineering, animal and bird behaviour as well

as my experience and requirements for photography, to create an environment for wildlife photography, keeping in mind the ecology and requirement of the wildlife, as well as the comfort, safety and ergonomics of the photographer(s). Whether you are an individual photography enthusiast, or a wildlife lodge seeking to create a unique experience for your guests, I will work with you to understand your requirement, study and document the species that are endemic to your environment and design a bespoke photography hide that would provide a platform for you or your guests to engage in an unparalleled photographic experience.

I look forward to working with you to design and create an exceptional photographic experience.

Pricing will be provided upon request. You may send your enquiry to